Weighing in about how Ageism Changes Perspective.

I’ve been off social media for a season – stagnate. Somehow, I fell into a binary mindset with parental care as though I couldn’t maintain a parallel world. Attentiveness to an aging parent cleared up muddied waters and my perspective. In turn, I regained a creative flow for my own work. Covid hit my ninety-year-old […]

Culture. Tradition. Culturally Competent to know the difference?

What’s what? I avoided cable news outlets in preparation for the 2022 midterms. I tried. Skipping along channels one day, I listened to a White male voice. He lauded being from Florida and evoked “tradition” back into our country. He longed for an exclusive society with specific traditions. How does that look? One Nationality! Full […]

Citizenship for Words is a Thing?

Accurate reviews of books, articles, and posts dignify a writer’s words. It’s refreshing to cross lines into other worldviews to dignify humanity.

The Upside to the Tower of Babel

Photo contributor: US Army

Fragmented Systems The Upside to the Tower of Babel Photo by US Army Forces that Bind Jonathan Hait recently published an article in the Atlantic. “Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid.” He likens America’s fragmentation with the Tower of Babel as a metaphor for Social Media’s impact. People, groups, […]

Sustainability & The World Cafe

RRB6 My acronym means nothing to readers outside of my / our story. Today’s anecdote is an example of exploration for answers to questions that matter. My RRB6 represents the body of people who think about such questions by using a method called The World Café. The group wants to understand more about the complex […]

Listening to Hear

Don’t just say, I hear you, to be flippant. To hear is to stand next to someone and shut down one’s own mind.