Listening to Hear

Don’t just say, I hear you, to be flippant. To hear is to stand next to someone and shut down one’s own mind.

Blogging & Connections

Trainers Problem Solve Through Connections A Discussion I tend to make connections while reading topics that transform work. My mind weirdly goes to places.  I have to stop and think, “What?”  In the end, I usually change my perspective by calibrating my mental model.  In the same way change should capture your attention as a […]

The Power of Story

    Do you remember listening to fairy tales, myths, and familial lore? Some stories stirred imaginations and hearts with on a dark and story night.   Maybe you snuggled with children in bed to read such nighttime works of fiction. kids like artificial puffy people around their beds to listen to the made up tales too. […]

Ladder of Inference

Our way up the ladder, not my way Once you care about others’ views, you can be a more effective advocate for your own views! The Novel & Real Life Let’s begin with a novel, American Dirt– by Jeanine Cummins. (Goodreads summary). The fictional plot embodies our nation’s current reality about migrants and immigrants. “Me and mine” come […]

Waging The Struggle

Waging Today’s Racial Struggle In a 1961 address, Dr. King spoke about the student movement at the time, “[There is no denying] the fact that we confront a crisis in race relations in the United States” (A Testament of Hope, 1986, pp. 43-53).  That was then, yet the current racial climate begs a question that […]

Values Transformation

Values Transformation comes from Brian P. Hall’s book – Values Shift.  Hall explores what we need to know to transform a person into an exceptional human being and what we need to know to build a better society. What is the Hall-Tonna Map? The Hall-Tonna Map is a chart of words to express 125 values. The words/values […]

Listening With an Open Mind & Heart

Listen for Downloading Part One of Two   Theory U by Otto Scharmer details four levels of listening as the source for great leadership. 1) Downloading 2) Factual 3) Empathic 4) Generative. The model changed the way I listen and hear. To hear means having the mind opened. The heart follows. The theory is not exclusive to interactions in […]


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